Aruna Theater

ARUNA, a Sanskrit word that means “first flash of dawn”, is the name chosen for the new creative group of Centro Oráculo.

ARUNA TEATRO is the natural continuation of TEATRO DEL ORÁCULO, a theater company that for 20 years carried out a systematic creative work, in which more than 100 scenic artists from the city of Concepción took part.

ARUNA was born with the intention of being somewhat more mestizo and multicultural in its artistic composition. It aims to be a creative space for artists in transit, for travelers of the creative scenic doing . For this reason, ARUNA TEATRO’s creative projects are linked to the Centro Oráculo’s international residencies project, whether in Chile or abroad.


1.- Journey to the bottom of the Earth: a play that explores the current state of ecological catastrophe and the uncertainty caused by the global health crisis. In its plot, the altruistic imaginary of a 12-year-old girl, who hopes to find a cure for the planet,  has an intertextual dialogue with some episodes of the narrative production of Jules Verne, rescuing the fantastic world of his classics, as well as the critical gaze of the novelist on the technological advances of modernity that appears in some texts little known to the public. Anni (the girl) and Verne will start the adventure of saving the planet from ecological catastrophe.

Creative team: Juan Pablo Fuentes, Magdalena Varas and Manuel Loyola

Premiere: January 2021

2. Samadhi: We walk through darkness, we imagine the shadows of the black plague flooding our house and our body. How is it that we have reached this loneliness? How to live this forced confinement? How do we face our own demons in this abysmal loneliness?

Laughter, affection and calm will be the antagonistic forces that face an apocalyptic pandemic context.

The need to redeem ourselves, to wake up to a new life cycle is what sustains this physical, sensory, musical, visual and textual exploration that we call SAMADHI.

This staging is an urgent respite to find balance in times of colossal confusion.

Interpretation: Magdalena Varas

Music: Alejandro Cárdenas

Direction Manuel Loyola

Premiere: November 2020

3.- Pewenche: Following the footsteps of the souls that have populated the Andes Mountains of southern Chile and Argentina for more than a thousand years. Staging based on oral stories from the Pewenche communities of Alto Bio Bio.

Music: Victor Moris

Wisdom and ancient voices: Pascual Levi

Literature: Elicura Chiguailaf

Arts: Leticia Zapata

Interpretation: Anni Huidobro (Mexico), Magdalena Varas, Dileep Chilanka (India), Juan Pablo Fuentes, Adriana Omoto.

Direction: Manuel Loyola

Premiere:  July 2021